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Best of Apopka 2010 – Screen Repair: Screenologist Inc #1   2 comments

Just wanted to share a quick thank you to everyone who participated in the 2010 Best of Apopka Awards. Your votes are greatly appreciated and we look forward to meeting all of Apopka’s screen repair needs for many years to come.

Thanks for voting us #1


Help! Theres a bobcat in my pool cage!   Leave a comment

Well, this didn’t happen. but for one real estate agent in SouthWest Florida it was all too close.

He recently wrote in his blog “this morning my wife and I saw a scruffy, blackish BOBCAT dart across our Pool Cage”. All of this occurred, according to him, in a “well-developed and established neighborhood”. And I’m sure many of us could tell a similar story. That time we found a snake under the bar-b-que, a squirrel on the porch, or an opossum in the planter. A woman in north Florida was surprised to find an alligator taking a dip in her pool in July of ’08 (

Nature can be amazing, but I prefer it stay outside of the pool enclosure. This is one important reason to keep your pool enclosure secure and repaired. Even screens without holes can quickly become an entry point for one of natures little intruders because old screen can be so brittle. The man who saw the bobcat was thankful and pointed out, “Fortunately, I had re-screened the cage last year or we may have witnessed a very WET Bobcat”.

So this summer, enjoy the outdoors, marvel at natures awesomeness, but do it from the comfort of your pool float and leave the trapping to animal control. Get those screens fixed!

Read the full bobcat account at –